“…When the Japanese invaded Java on March 1st 1942, the 5th Battalion was transported to the Bandung area, in an effort to try to stop the Japanese advance and arrived at Tjiater after hours of marching on March 5th…” Pieter Benjamin De Lizer, a veteran of the 5th KNIL Battalion He managed to avoid the […]

ON MISSION After several occasional visit to Ereveld Menteng Pulo, Ereveld Ancol, Ereveld Kalibanteng, and Ereveld Candi, on this mission I visited to Ereveld Kembang Kuning Surabaya on Jalan Makam Kembang Kuning I Atas. I was accompanied by Rickristna Ricky on Saturday morning 28th July 2007. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would express my grateful to Mrs. Ita […]

“Ik had getekend voor de Expeditionaire Macht, en je tekende dan voor onbepaalde tijd, waar ook ter wereld. Ik kwam bij de Zeven December Divisie op 2 januari 1946. We zouden worden opgeleid voor de oorlog tegen Japan maar toen die capituleerde werd onze bestemming Indië…” “I had signed up for the “Expeditionairy Forces” which […]

A number of staffs wearing white laboratory robed and green mask were caring for a collection of miniature traditional houses of Dayak Borneo, patiently. The collections are very dry and brittle. They lifted the dust by brushing the roof carefully, and then wipe it with a white cloth. Some of them tighten or repair the […]

“…Batavia itself, nothing but a white chalked lighthouse is visible, then a small fortress hidden behind earthen walls and at the end of a small canal…” Gevers Deynot, Herinneringen Eener Reis Naar Nederlandsch Indie in 1862, 1864.“At the end of one of these moles, or walls, stands a small white lighthouse, indicating the way of […]

The Cupola of Chartered Bank This British overseas bank has three storey building which garnished by copula, that is a small domed structure on top of its roof, the gallery which garnished by long arcade, and the Doric column which installed in the front facade. The Marble Plague Inscription “THE FIRST STONE OF THIS BUILDING […]

Lieutenant-General Frans David Cochius in 1850 [3rd of December 1787– 1st of May 1876] Lithograph in format of 32×24.5cm Source: KITLV Engineer of Battlefield Fortification Strategy in 1827-30 in sequence capturing Diponegoro If Frans David Cochius was still alive today, he must be 222 years old in December 2009. Who is he? I’ll bring his […]