Trails of Ghijsels in Batavia (2): Long Frontage of Maintz & Co.

The sun was getting angry. Hot surface this day! After visited the John Peet & Co. office building, the explorer: my self, Maya, and Luluk continue to the next door: The office building of Maintz & Co.

The design architecture was probably commissioned in 1918. Ghijsels has finished to design it in 1919 and the construction begun in 1920. So, in year of 1920, there were two office building has been erected.

The Maintz & Co. has long frontage and divided in to eight bays. The entrance is in the fourth bay from the right. Like on the John Peet building, it has long passageway for pedestrian. The gallery in the first floor is hidden behind tall, inside the folding doors.

The identical bays are divided by a row of double columns that extends above to the waves cornice. It is crowned by small tower. This façade is a powerful impression both reticence and monumentally.

Regarding of nationalization, since the 1950’s these former Maintz offices have been occupied by PT Samudera Indonesia.

We continued in the next odyssey.


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