Monthly Archives: January 2006


On Mission For the reason of distributing the information and knowledge of geographic, I report this journey exclusively. We can found many religions and beliefs in Indonesia, especially the city of Jakarta. However, they live and stay together regarding the peace and harmony. Now, I’ll tell you about one of the vintage churches in Batavia. […]

Trails of Ghijsels in Batavia (4): “Unendorsed” Geo Wehry & Co. Office Building

Happy cycling by “ojek sepeda” a long Buitengrachweststraat. Mayasari, Luluk, and me take a move. We have just finished to exploring the west bank of Stadbuitengracht-Spinhuis. Only Rp 3.000 for route of Kalibesar – Station BEOS. Before we touch BEOS down, we visited building that prohibited to public, seems haughty and arrogant style. We came […]

Trails of Ghijsels in Batavia (3): Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij (KPM)

“Damn! It’s 09.30!”, we’re grumbling. Me, and “strawberry-vanilla ice cream”: Maya Hadi, and my cousin Mala (both of wearing pinky-white dress-shoes code like a scoop of strawberry-vanilla ice cream), have been waiting part of our group. Just because part of our group has been on the way, and then we were getting insane here. As […]