Trails of Ghijsels in Batavia (4): “Unendorsed” Geo Wehry & Co. Office Building

Happy cycling by “ojek sepeda” a long Buitengrachweststraat. Mayasari, Luluk, and me take a move. We have just finished to exploring the west bank of Stadbuitengracht-Spinhuis. Only Rp 3.000 for route of Kalibesar – Station BEOS.

Before we touch BEOS down, we visited building that prohibited to public, seems haughty and arrogant style. We came to the Geo Wehry & Co. office premises. Headquarter of Geo Wehry & Co. office building is located in Leeuwinnegrachtstraat, Batavia (now Jl. Kunir No.2, Jakarta Kota).

At a glance, the ambience of this building like “military grenade factory” because no one can take a picture here. Weird ?

The “unofficial” officer said that that building was empty since ten years ago. But, we saw the new painted signboards and new parking area. Weird ?

He held me back hurry when I ready to take a picture by my digicam and explained that the owner will be mind if this building got to publish. Why? Weird ?

This kantoor was a large import company that managed financing, sales, distribution and administration as cultivation offices in Batavia. There was a long scheme that faced by Ghijsels to design this kantoor. Here the chronicles.

Firstly, the first design was completed in 1921. Ghijsels planed a fully art deco ornamentation and decoration office building. It was worked in great detail design, highly decorative design.

Secondly, in 1922 the head office in Amsterdam didn’t agree about former construction for the reason of extremely cost building. Finally, Ghijsels must prepare another design mainly. The definitive was completed in 1925 – 26 then the new ones designed was presented as simplification of first design modified without decoration and symmetrical facade. So, the construction period has been explored successfully in 1927.

After we left this building, someone in the street said that this building was an unendorsed gambling site. Oh, here was the answer from “weird questions above”!

Ojek Regards ,
Mahandis Yoanata



  1. waaaaa…. may i tag along?

  2. kavfrou said: tag along?

    Btw, kapan2 hunting foto ke Old Batavia yuks! How? When?

  3. hayuhhhhhhh…. 😀

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