Greeting from Petak Sembilan: Gong Xi Fa Chai


On Saturday 28 January 2006, the vicinity of Glodok was getting sunset. Me, Windy, and Rahmat stride along the Old Kampong Tjina in Batavia, Glodokplein here we come. Walking spree in the crowded community and market in Pancoran-Toko Tiga, we found a unique ambience of Chinese tradition. Yes, that day they prepared to celebrate Chinese New Year 2557.

The bouqet of Hio in everywhere. Hio is like incense stick for praying purposes. The aroma made me feel the sacred ambiance.

Suddenly, I wrote a SMS for my colleagues who celebrate it.

“Gong Xi Fa Chai, John!”, I wrote SMS and sent it to Johnny.

Johnny answered quickly “Xie-xie. Sin nien guai le. Gong Xi Fa Cai. Wan se ru i. Nien nien yu i. Jai yen kwang ching”.

“Oh, God! I don’t know what it’s mean”, I said in my mind.

Hmm, amusing myself, perhaps Johnny will deliver “Keranjang Cake”. Hohohoho… it was a delusion.

The Cake was named by “Keranjang” because when made fresh from kitchen, it was stored in a basket (in Indonesian: keranjang) horizontally. More higher, more prestigious of the owner.


This temple is sited on corner of Petak Sembilan (junction of Jl. Kemenangan and Jl. Kemenangan 3).Formerly, this temple was built in by Guo Xun-Guan approximately 1650, originally the name was Guan Yin Temple. Guan Yin is the Buddhist female deity of mercy. It was favorite temple for Kapitan at the time. In 1755, a Kapitan China Oei Tjsi Lauw has changed the name to be “Jin De Yuan”, means “Temple of Golden Virtue”.

Although it was restored, fortunately, the original temple design was not pulled down. We can say, the two bao-gu (lions) guard the front of temple and the money burner was from Guangdong in 1821. While, the altar table inside the temple is from 1724, rest of the ruin in 1740 China massacre in Batavia.

Now, the name of this temple is Kim Tek I or Vihara Dharma Sakti.

Gong Xi Fa Chai….
Mahandis Yoanata


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  1. Francisca Emily M.K Widyati · · Reply

    Teringat petak sembilan, kami teringat pula dengan sebuah rumah di kawasan Belandongan yang sangat besar sekali dengan terdapat 2 buah meriam belanda yang besar…pemilik rumah tersebut adalah Kapitan Oey Keng Hin…bila Pak Mahandis Yoanata tahu silsilahnya keluarga ini, kami anak dari Oey Emma Nio ingin bertemu untuk mengungkap sejarah keluarga kami, dan sampai sekarang kami tidak pernah tahu. Terima kasih kami haturkan sebelumnya.

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