Trails of Ghijsels in Batavia: Roman Catholic Church of H. Jozef

Continuing the previous journey of Ghijsels’ trails in Batavia, I visited this church on Saturday, 25 March 2006. It is located in Matramanweg 129, Meester-Cornelis, Batavia. Matramanweg was a highroad from Senen Markt to Buitenzorg. Now, the people known this area as Jatinegara, East Jakarta.

The objective of this journey is to diffusion of historical information about F.J.L. Ghijsels, the vintage architect in Indonesia 1910-29 (See also my posting in this weblog about F.J.L Ghijsels and his work in Batavia, kindly)

It was designed by Ghijsels as architect in AIA Bureau in July 1923, while the construction was built in 1923-1924. Building cost were 70.000 guilders.

Before the AIA Bureau was submitted this project, there was a small competition for the design and building of a church for Catholic community in Meester Cornelis. The AIA Bureau’s rival was AA Fermont and Cuypers Bureau.

Fermont and Cuypers Bureau was disagree regarding submitting of AIA Bureau for project of church in Matramanweg. According them, AIA should not have accepted the comission because none of AIA’s architects were Catholics.

Ghijsels said that project of church has begun with a little unpleasantness. However, he continued his work until this church was built perfectly finished. His principally was to be extremely careful not to put his foot in it, especially concerning all the things that belong in a church. Finally, the church council was satisfied about AIA’s work. The first mass was celebrated in the new church in 1924.

Now, this church still appear like the first mass in 1924. The Church of St. Yosef, people known it now. If you want to visit this church, you could contact Mr. Petrus Manu – (021) 8583782.


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