The spirit of diffusion the geographic and history knowledge blanketed in my mind.Based on Map of The Castle and City
Batavia drawn in 1780 (source an older map by C.A. van Leupken 1764), Me, Yudi, and Andreas have encourage exploring the Oostzydsche Pakhuizen, East-Bank Warehouse of VOC in Monday, 10 April 2006.

Here our royal odyssey…

I would say many grateful thanks to Yudi as odyssey photographer, Andreas as odyssey explorer. Also, my Mom for her prays to our odyssey…

The Oostzydsche Pakhuizen, were called Graanpakhuizen as well, here the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, 1602 – 1799) kept all its foodstuff, like rice, beans, peanuts, peas, and ship biscuits.
They were built in two-storey and double thick walls.

In the past when Batavia was a stately capital of world trade and headquarter of VOC, this warehouse was sited in the South-East of Kasteel Batavia (see the map in my journey photographs). Surrounded by canal and guarded by soldier of VOC.

In that time if we walked from Stadhuisplein across the Princenstraat we would found the Amsterdampoort . The Oostzydsche Pakhuizen was located the eastern side of Amsterdampoort.

The oldest warehouse was built in 1639 and was pulled down unnecessarily in 1996, in order to make space of toll road.

Another building was built between 1748 and 1759. When I knocked its doors, I felt that it has thick doors, and inside long and strong wooden beams carry the floors and roofs.

Unfortunately, warehouse of 1759 was pulled down in middle 2005. The last warehouse of 1748 now still lonely waiting “the execution”.

Now this building is deplorable. The recent issue says that the government has a plan to destroy this heritage building. So sad… sad… sad… But her “brother” Westzydsche Pakhuizen (West Godown) has a better fortune, that’s the MaritimeMuseum in Pasar Ikan.

The Location


After observing this warehouse, we decided to explore in backyard from building of 1759. Blessed from God! Auspiciously, we found parts of fragments and pieces of bowls, china pipe cigarettes, terracotta, bottles, and other china ceramic plates.

We succeeded to collect about 55s-60s pieces of fragments, luckily.We evacuated and brushed carefully, because parts of them are so fragile. All fragments will be delivered to Prehistoric and Museum Bureau.

Now, The Solitary Oostzydsche Pakhuizen was owned by Indonesian Army Forces and it was rented as private warehouse. It’s so suffering now….



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