In the end of 19th century, Batavia has two train stations in the Noorden Batavia (near Pasar Ikan) and Zuideljk Batavia (Station BEOS). In this night journey, I want to take a viewing of Station of BEOS (Bataviasche Ooster Spoorweg Maatschappij) at the middle of the night. A slight of compliment as great history of Jakarta. I took the view of BEOS from surrounding stationplein, Benedenstad. Even from the landscape viewer in the top of NHM.

Odjek sepeda in the middle of the night

The Old Zuidelijk Batavia, former station before BEOS, was established since 1870, but it was closed in 1926. Afterwards, the BEOS was built about 200 m from this old Zuidelijk Batavia station.

Ir. Frans Johan Louwrens Ghijsels was the person behind the great luminous building. Together with his colleagues Ir. Hein von Essen and Ir. F. Stolts planned to build the great station in Batavia. They were AIA’s architects. Designed about 1927-28. It spent about a year to construct this building from 1928-29.

The project was finished on 19 August 1929 and officially opened on 8 October 1929 by Governor General JKHR AC de Graef (1926-31). There was a selamatan or banquet. In the afternoon two buffalo heads were buried to protect the new station from catastrophe.

From this railway station, the passenger can reach any destinations to other cities or developing towns surrounding Batavia at the time such as Bekassie, Karavam, Buitenzorg, and Parijs van Java, even travel to any other cities in Java.

BEOS is the masterpiece of Ghijsels’ work as known “het indische bowen”. It means blend of structure and technique between western and traditional designs. This building was garnished by art deco style that is the Ghijsels’ state of art.

The arched entrance in front facade is repeated on smaller scale at both sides of station.
The spacious station hall has a gallery around the first floor to give access to various offices. Art deco ornamentation is used sparingly throughout the entire building. Also, there were the clocks in the square in front of in the main entrance in the same style.

Press released by The Javabode on 17 October 1929:
“ Batavia South stands as a monument to show us and our descendents what should be understood by economies. It has become a station which makes a commanding impression and can be regarded as one of the most beautiful in the east!”.






  1. Renovasinya udah kelar belum ya…hayoo..kita kesana..beradegan mudik…..hihi….

  2. rjuwita said: Renovasinya udah kelar belum ya…hayoo..kita kesana..beradegan mudik…..hihi….

    Harusnya sih sudah kelar lebaran ini…Yuk yuk yuk casting mudik ala den mas hehehe…Djeng Djoewita bawa apparel-nya ya termasuk ayam jago dalam kurungan (model blantik gitu) hehehe

  3. haddduhhhh..berat banget ya..konsekuensi jadi odyssey’s fellow

  4. Eh mas… sekadar pengen tau aja, betul gak Ghijsels perna bangun sesuatu di Bandoeng?? Karena saya pernah baca (lupa bukunya) ada bangunan di Bandung yang hasil karyanya beliau.. maap OOT

  5. aburida said: Eh mas… sekadar pengen tau aja, betul gak Ghijsels perna bangun sesuatu di Bandoeng?? Karena saya pernah baca (lupa bukunya) ada bangunan di Bandung yang hasil karyanya beliau.. maap OOT

    Heheeh ini sih bukan OOT, ini menu utama… hehehAda Pak…Ghijsels bikin beberapa sekolah di Bandung… duh saya lupa namanya… besok deh kalo inget aku tambahin infonya…

  6. A little correction for your lovely article; the Batavia Noord is not Tandjong Priok. It’s the first station of Batavia located at the north of current Jakarta Kota station, exactly behind the National Museum (former Staadhuis). The exact location of the building currently located at the northern yard of BNI building. It was built by NIS in 1871, and after taking over by the SS in 1913 this station was called Batavia Noord, as distinct from the two hundred meters south former location of the station BOS, which was designated Batavia Zuid.While Batavia BOS, later Zuid, was the terminus of the line to the Bekasi and Krawang. The popularly named the Beos, the phonetic pronunciation of the complete BOS. It was built in 1909 at the opposite of the Java Bank. In 1923 the station was demolished to make way for the long planned the main Batavia Benedenstad station.

  7. Thanks for your remark!I think the Noord Batavia was located in the area of the former of castle batavia, not BNI.

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