A Slice story from my rambles in Medan, here I observed the archeological remains from Japanese occupation in Medan. Present day, it is house of Asnawi family, located on Lorong Idris, Gg. Famili No.9D. Five people live within this building!

According Jufrida, an archaologist from Archaeology Agency in Medan, probably this building has already built by the Dutch (by the time Pacific War) to monitor activity around the River Sei Sikambing, and then left by the Dutch when Japanese troops entered the town. As well as kind of this building was found in the area of Polonia.


According Jufrida in her arcticle “Benteng Jepang: Tinggalan Arkeologis Berkaitan Dengan Pendudukan Jepang Di Kota Medan”, this military building stood on this land area of about 88.39 m2. Present day, its surrounding area is a dense settlement. Not far from the building is about 100 m to the east river flow of Sei Sikambing. To the south about 200 m, there is Gatot Subroto Street and approximately 250 m there is a Foundation Panca Budi (University Panca Budi).

The building is rectangular form measuring 11.6 m x 5.5 m and 6 m high building, roofed and sided cast, made from concrete.

The form of the roof even in the north and south, each measuring 3 mx 5.5 m. At the center of the semicircle-shaped curve measuring 5.6 m long and diameter of 5.5 m. Wall thickness about 1 m.

Part in the building deliberately made symmetrical and each other between the alley and a room in the southern part of the alley and a room on the north. This indicates that the building is for activities that are easy-to-go out of the north and south. However, it was built without the doors, but had trapezoid barriiers in each doors. It means that the design for a way to cover all activities in space without visible from the outside, but still make it easy for entry-exit room.
Probably, this building was used as radio transmission by Japanese when they occupied Medan 1942-45. Because it has a connector hole in the roof for antenna wire.

The façade from Lorong Idris

Interior-First Chamber

Interior-Second Chamber

Connector Hole for Antenna Wire in Ceiling

Small Ventilation
There is 8 small ventilation in east and west sides of this building

Pak Asnawi, born at Medan in 1957
Lived in this building since 1960s


The troops under the command General Toyuki Yamashita or with the famous surname Malay To Tora (Malayan Tiger), because successful to conquest the Peninsular Malaya. The Japanese was landed on the beach Labuhan, East Sumatra Province with the objective of entering the capital city of Medan. They were Second Division of “Imperial Guards” from The 25th Regiment from Singapore Headquarter. Later, the Second Division hascovered East Sumatra and Aceh, whereas the headquarter of them was in Medan.

On midnight 12th of March 1942 made the first landing on the deserted estuary, the beach was quite far from Labuhan basil, the eastern part of North Sumatra. No enemy troops in place. The part of troops traveled by bikes and cars directly to the city of Medan.

The Regiments faced many problems about the destruction of bridges and even deliberately destroyed by the KNIL before they left the area. Finally, the 25th Rigiment occupied town and airfield at Medan on 13 March 1942. Then the first troops to provide the area of residence in Polonia (former dwelling place of the Dutch troops). On the other side, the Dutch troops have been moved back to Tanah Karo.


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